The benefits of playing jenglek
The benefits of playing jenglek

The benefits of playing Englek

The benefits of playing Englek

There are many benefits of playing Englek. Many people think playing Englek will only waste time and energy. But who would have thought that playing Englek could help increase the immune system and also the child’s brain? A game that was once popular in the 80s and 90s.

Even though it looks tiring and drains a lot of energy, the Englek game is still an exciting game. Children can exercise while playing with their friends. If you play Back to the past, maybe you will continue to play without getting bored. Today’s children are very different from before. Today’s children spend more time indoors than going out.

Benefits of playing

Micheldorf-hirt – In contrast to the children of the past who spent time playing with their friends every evening. If someone asks whether Englek gives many benefits? So you don’t have to worry about the answer. Jengklek provides many benefits for the whole body and also the brain. The following benefits can be obtained when playing, namely:


In playing Englek, of course, you have to use your brain in throwing stones. Pay attention to each point so as not to get out of line. Apart from that, Englek can also help improve your thinking power when you are jumping. Helps maintain body balance and improve skills

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Playing Englek is the best when you are with friends. Can exchange opinions and also socialize with others.


When playing the thing you need the most is to concentrate on the game. Pay attention to the place where you will jump and be able to assess the distance and ability to play.


To play Englek you can do it in an open area. Places you can play like in front of the house, parks, playing fields, and many other businesses that can be used. Playing while observing the place can make children get to know nature and its surroundings well.

The most important thing from Englek is healthy. Games that use jumping power also help you get healthy. Pumps the circulation of the heart well and can make your legs strong.