If you want to take a vacation, it’s really fun if you can wash your eyes and can calm your mind. Most people will spend their time adventuring, sightseeing, and seeing beautiful scenery. Enjoying the beautiful scenery makes the heart feel peaceful and cool. Admiring the natural beauty that exists in every place is certainly an unforgettable pleasure. Vacationing is also not just seeing the scenery, you can also play to your heart’s content. Like a playground that becomes one of the releases of fatigue and tiredness in the mind.

There are many types of playgrounds that we can visit in Indonesia. No need to go far to play and save money. Going on vacation to the playground provides a lot of fun for each visitor. No need to go alone while on vacation, you can invite family, friends, or relatives for a vacation at thePlayground.

Various toys

Micheldorf-hirt – The playground is very varied, there are indoor and outdoor so we can enjoy all the games. Maybe it will look childish when playing in the playground. But did you know that playing on the playground does not make us look like children? Rather it fosters a sense of fun by enjoying many games. However, the playground can still be visited by anyone, both children and adults.

Of course, hearing about the playground can already imagine the types of games available. The games provided in the playground are very diverse and different. So we can visit any playground and enjoy the types of games that have been provided. In Indonesia, there is not only one playground but also many playgrounds in various places.

Name and location

Of course, many want to know where the playground is and what is it called. The following are some names and locations of playgrounds throughout Indonesia, namely:

vacation and play with family//adaptation
  • Dufan playground located in Ancol
  • East Java park is in the Malang East Java area
  • TMII [beautiful Indonesian mini garden]
  • Water boom is located in Kuta Bali
  • Safari park in the Bogor area
  • Bird park in the Bali area
  • Kidzania in Senayan
  • Bounce Street Asia Kelapa Gading
  • Trans studio bandung
  • Sindu Kusuma edupark from Yogyakarta and many other types of playgrounds

Maybe those who have read the names of these playgrounds can make the holidays fun. Maybe the names of the playgrounds and the locations mentioned are close to where you live. Take your time for a moment to relieve fatigue and refresh your mind.


Children may look happy when they are invited to play in the playground. Even though they are far away, they know what types of games are available and enjoy the natural scenery with their family. Playing in the park will help children sharpen their brains and learn how to get to know the new environment out there.

A playground is also a place for children to learn. Can increase children’s creativity and high imagination power in capturing a game. Taking the family on vacation together certainly gives sweet memories of its own. There are several benefits of vacationing with family, namely:

  • Can see active children and enjoy the game
  • Gives a lot of good memories when with family
  • Start communicating with other people
  • Make new friends
  • Improve children’s knowledge