Game sharpen the child's brain
Game sharpen the child's brain

Games sharpen the child’s brain

Games sharpen the child’s brain

Hi, mam how are you mam today? Of course, you are still anxious and confused when you know that your baby has started to be active and agile. When children are active, it is time for us to teach some things that can help develop children’s motor skills. Start introducing the world to children. Even though it looks too small, do you know that toddlers have very good thinking skills and have a strong memory to remember all their activities?

At this young age, many parents are amazed at the abilities of their children. Introducing the world to children does not need to be fast because the child will be surprised when he receives many things in one day. Makes the child’s motor quickly shocked and confused when receiving a lot of outside information. So that the child’s mindset is so out of place.

Accompany children to play

Micheldorf-hirt – So to develop it must be gently and applied slowly one by one then the material to be studied will go well. To sharpen the brain of children, parents must also participate in teaching their children. They will be happy when accompanied by their parents. Feels getting enough attention and affection for them.

To help develop children’s brains, some games can support children’s thinking patterns. Choose several types of games that are appropriate for the child’s age and explain slowly how to play them so that the child can later play them on their own and develop their learning abilities.

Games that can sharpen the brain

Several games can help sharpen a child’s brain both online and offline. Games that can help develop a child’s brain are:

develop child’s brain//games
  • Arrange blocks
  • Playing cards recognize the shape and its name
  • Shuffle pictures and guess pictures
  • Play puzzles
  • Playing while exercising
  • Learn to introduce things around it
  • Looking for treasure and many more types of games that can be applied to children.
    In addition to games that can be played offline, there are many times when the child also wants to play games on the cellphone. For this reason, the parent must accompany the child while playing on the cell phone. Or you can choose games that children can play without using the internet on their cell phones.
Find some games that can be played offline via mobile game applications. The types of games that can be played offline are:
  • Candy crush
  • Sudoku
  • Crossword puzzle
  • Puzzles
  • Snakes and ladders and many more types of games
    So many or thousands of games that can help you sharpen your child’s brain. So mam’s no longer need to be afraid to teach children.
The Pattern of parents when playing with children

There are so many types of games that can help sharpen children’s brains, of course, parents, including moms, find it very difficult so they are often silent and follow the flow of the child’s path. Even though it is difficult, mam also has to remember that small children’s motor skills are very easy to accept faster learning so their mindset can be different = different.

In training children’s development, there are several techniques that you can practice at home with your children, such as:
  • Be patient
  • Take part in every game
  • Always invites children to play