Game of the year

Game of the year

Game of the year

Game of the year

A year’s child’s play is not just wishful thinking. many say that children who are one year old still cannot be invited to play or joke. Who would have thought that a one-year-old child could actually be invited to play? Even though they can’t play like children aged three years and over. Even one-year-old children can have fun playing with their parents.

No need for expensive games. Many people think that giving lots of children’s games is very expensive. Just using simple ones can make lots of fun games and children can move more. So parents don’t have to worry about house expenses.

Surely you are not curious about any game that doesn’t use a lot of money. Here are some games that you can provide at home, such as:


This star game can help improve children’s thinking and growing power. Just provide paper, scissors, and adhesive. Take colored paper and make paper cutouts in star shapes or other shapes. put the results of your scissors on the wall then ask the children to guess the color and pick the stars. This can help improve children’s thinking skills. Micheldorf-hirt

Rolling ball

Rolling ball is a game that is quite expensive. For those of you who want to get cheap or economical prices, you can make it yourself. The way to make it is very easy, just using used pipes, small balls, and a basin. Or you can also use used Styrofoam like a TV or cupboard. With simple equipment, children can feel at home playing.

easy and does not cost much//rolling balls


No need to be expensive – expensive in setting up children’s games. All you have to do is prepare a picture book and invite the children to play together. Inviting children to draw together can help increase children’s imagination. You can introduce each color to children while drawing. The brain system will immediately move and store all interesting things when it recognizes colors.

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