Cash Elevator

Cash Elevator

Cash Elevator

Cash Elevator

Cash Elevator is a game that many bettors can’t refuse. Each symbol will help the bettor win.

Payment value

Games symbol

expanding symbol//lift
How to play

In the cash elevator game, if the up arrow and down arrow symbol appears, it will give you speed to go up to the next ladder. In this game the bettor will feel in the elevator. So that the symbols that appear in the game if they often rise to the top it will be easy to reach other rounds of the game. To enter the hold and spin bettor requires 13 up symbols to arrive quickly. However, if during the game round you find a down symbol, the bettor will definitely go down. The number symbols needed are located above and in the middle of the online slot in the base game.

Free Spins

The symbols that trigger the free spins are the male and female symbols. With this symbol, the bettor will feel a different round of the game. During the free spins round the wild symbol expands the reels. So the size becomes 1 roll with 3 rows. Usually the wild symbol will appear on reels 2 or 4. if the wild symbols meet, it will be only 1 symbol, and of course this symbol will be intimate because there is a scene where a man is hugging his woman.

Hold and spins

Before entering the hold and spins round, the bettor must choose one of the 3 symbols available. When entering the hold and spin round, the bettor will later play on silver symbols and gold symbols that trigger the payout numbers. Each number in the game will trigger the payout value and will be totaled later. If a silver or gold symbol appears in the game, a response will be given. Not only silver and gold symbols, but an X symbol or banknote symbol will also be given. For the X symbol, the bettor will be given a multiplier value from 2x to 10x.

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