Fortune All The Way
Fortune All The Way

Fortune All The Way

Fortune All The Way

Novomatic continues to succeed in making many gamers addicted to the games provided. It’s not just an interesting game, but the easy level of the game can bring a lot of wins when you win the game. Continue to develop creating fortune all the way games.

Fortune all the way Asian-themed games will give you a lot of unexpected winning values. The presence of this fortune all the way game provides a lot of value and the opportunity to get a lot of jackpots. In the early game, gamers will enter into a game full of symbols and numbers. There are a lot of numerical values ​​listed on the reel screen.

The number of coins in the game line

Micheldorf-hirt – The theme of the game fortune all the way is full of lots of gold and also some symbols that can give you a lot of coins. There are 9 rows of values ​​that gamers must be able to get. To be able to make all 9 rows of active values, gamers must be able to get more coins than the numbers in the 9 rows of jackpot games.

There are 5 rolls ready to play on the fortune all the way game screen. Each color that is presented always uses elements of gold. The chance to win will be even easier when gamers manage to get game bonuses and also some other game symbol values. The types of wins available are 243 times.

Symbols and wilds

The large number of wins can make gamers impatient to get the highest score in the game. Beautiful colors with a high value. The types of symbols that will play on the screen are: 3 emsa coins, gold bars, stars, ampao, lanterns, lotus, number 8, mandarin oranges, green statues and cards [A, K, Q, J] and many other types of symbols.

lots of jackpot value//enjoyment

If gamers are still curious about game symbols, you can press game info. In the info, gamers will find various types of symbols and values ​​that gamers can get. There is a wild given to the green statue symbol. Wild replaces all symbols except game bonuses and stars. The type of value that gamers will get in the game fortune all the way is in the form of 3 combinations or similar symbols.

Game bonuses

The star becomes the scatter symbol. Scatter has an unexpected win value. In any position the scatter will give gamers a lot of wins. Successfully getting 2 or more bonus symbols can earn a wheel. The wheel will appear in front of the reels by appearing halfway.

The value in the wheel has several jackpots and levels that go up. The details on the bonus wheel are 2,000, 4,000, level up, and grand. The more bonus values ​​the gamer gets, the bigger the win. The chance to win will also get closer to gamers. The prizes that gamers will get are also obtained when close to the free game.

Play fun

A fairly high chance of winning can provide endless free games. Gamers can also enjoy this game by using automatic game play. Automatic games will make gamers experience a lot of fun and convenience. Also prepare the value of the bet when playing the game fortune all the way.

To play it must use real money so that the game can be exciting and fun. To play the game fortune all the way, you don’t need to download anymore. Enjoy the game and win thousands of other great prizes.