Games that have been popular in 2017
Games that have been popular in 2017

Games that have been popular in 2017

Games that have been popular in 2017

Games that have been popular in 2017 have many types of games. Since the presence of the internet, there have been lots of people trying to make games that are fun and give a good impression to users. It’s no wonder that now virtual toy makers are trying to present a game for children.

In 2017 there are many types of games that are here to accompany us. There are several types of games that are popular in 2017. A children’s game that is easy to play and liked by children. Not only that, there are several games made from some of their favorite cartoon movie characters.

Of course, you are curious about what games were popular in 2017. Here are the names of the games:

Moana Island Life – Micheldorf-hirt

A game taken from Disney characters. To get this game you can download it through the Google Play Store. A game that tells about a boy who lives on a tropical island. In the game, we will be invited to build a building, do crafts, and much more.

popular game in 2017//Moana
  • Little Panda Restaurant

Who likes cooking games? For those who like it, you can directly download the Little Panda Restaurant game. A game that requires us to be able to cook and make customers happy. The cooking area in this game is very small and cute. We can make dishes from various types of regions available. In this game, if you succeed in serving delicious food, you will get coins and you can use these coins to beautify the restaurant and provide lots of delicious dishes.

Little fire station

One of the educational games that can teach children how to save and extinguish fires. The little fire station is a game that gives players excitement. Can interact with several types of characters in the game. Go on an adventure to become a cool firefighter.

Strawberry shortcake hair
Come on in and color your hair the way you want. A kid’s salon game that can teach them how to take care of a salon. In this game, players can enjoy some beautiful accessories and can also do hair decorating activities to make them look beautiful. an activity that will teach all of you how to manage a salon. Almost the same activities are carried out by expert salons.