The games in Lollipop playland
The games in Lollipop playland

The games in Lollipop playland

The games in Lollipop playland

There are lots of games in Lollipop Playland. There are many types of activities that children can do while in the Lollipop playland. Playgrounds that you can find in Bali. At Lollipop playland parents can join in playing together with their children. Can help improve the relationship between children and parents?

For those of you who have never been to Lollipop Playland, of course, you are curious about the types of games they have. Games that can familiarize children with parents, namely:

Play water

Which child refuses when asked to play with water? When you hear water, of course, the children will be more enthusiastic. Play in water as much as you like without having to be afraid of being scolded by your parents. Water games are available such as Jogja showers and water sprays.

Skating – Micheldorf-hirt

the game that is most liked by both parents and children – children. The slides at Lollipop playland have a unique shape. As we know, the slide model is just ordinary. But in Lollipop playland the slide model has a wave shape. There are also 2 sizes of slides, namely large and small.
Parents or adults can also play with the slides as much as they want with their children. a game that makes people happy and gives a lot of fun.


Vacationing with children is certainly very fun. Lollipop playland also provides an arena for learning to swim. Children who want to learn to swim can do it at Lollipop playland. There are 2 types of pools in Lollipop playland. The pool is for learning to swim and the other pool is for children’s play areas.

quick thinking
get to know your parents better//quick thinking

Play ladder
Playing a ladder can help a child’s thinking become responsive. The available stairs are not ordinary stairs. There are many different colors on the stairs. With the stairs, children become active and move a lot.

Rocking bridge
A game that looks dangerous but isn’t. The bridge is arranged with white ropes around the bridge. A game that tests a child’s courage. Children who dare to show their mentality in children are very strong and are not afraid of anything.