Racing game with android 2
Racing game with android 2

Racing game with android 2

Racing game with android 2

There are still many types of racing games with Android. For you game lovers, of course, you don’t want to miss it, right? Try all the games and win lots of coins and also high levels. A racing game that provides a lot of challenges and also excitement in every machine run.

Here are some names of racing games

Formula 1 – Micheldorf-hirt

Formula 1 is a race that has succeeded in making many people continue to play it. In the original racing formula, 1 was everyone’s center. Gives a lot of fun from the smooth game. A game that manages to make you want to keep playing. Give a lot of experience in playing and you can share your experiences by sharing on Facebook.

Need for speed

get lots of experience//race

A classic game that many gamers can’t forget the excitement they get when playing it. Because it’s fun and keeps many players playing. So the party from the game maker presents the need for speed to games that can be played using a smartphone. You can choose the type of vehicle you want to use.

CSR racing 2
CSR Racing 2 game has a fairly high level of play. When playing a racing game, you can only choose the type of vehicle you want to use. But in the CSR racing 2 game, you can modify the vehicle that you want to play with… apart from modifying it, you can also sell some of the ones on the body of your vehicle.

Hill climb racing
To play this game you can use the physics method. Games that use an uneven race field require you to look for ideas to be able to win towards the finish line. Earn points too by doing jumps and flips.

Choose the type of race that can burn your adrenaline. A race that uses speed to win the game. There are many types of cars that you can choose from. Rule over the city and form a great game in top-speed racing games. There will be more chances to win.