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Playing fun can increase children’s stimulation

Playing fun can increase children's stimulation

Playing fun can increase children's stimulation

Playing fun can increase children’s stimulation

Playing fun can increase children’s stimulation and also children’s growth and development. Without us realizing it, the child can actually remember many words and their memory is also very strong. The Curiosity that continues to be present makes the children find out. Seeing the rapid growth of children makes many parents not aware and continue to ignore it.

As a result, many children act inappropriately for their age. To prevent negative thoughts from entering we can start spending time with children. As a parent, you certainly don’t want your child to be disturbed and sad. To avoid this, you can prepare several types of games that can help arouse children’s imagination.

Choose study materials

Micheldorf-hirt – There are many types of games available for children. Both online games to manual games. There are also those who use gadgets as children’s learning media. As parents, of course, we will choose the best for our children. The following types of games can be used as learning tools for children at home, such as:


To invite children to be creative, there is no need to use expensive materials. Enough with some colorful paper and show some interesting shapes for children. Origami paper folding that we can use to form some toys. Paper that has beautiful colors can be used as a guide for children’s learning about colors. And can also invite them to learn to form goods.

invite children to play while learning//get creative

Coloring and drawing

Don’t be angry when you see children scribbling on the walls of the house. This proves that a child’s imagination begins to grow and to complete it we need to prepare pictures and coloring books. Invite children to look at the pictures and tell them about the colors they should draw. Slowly the child will immediately take colored pencils and color in the drawing book.

Playing with toy candles

Find a toy candle so you have an idea to form an object. You can invite your children to learn to shape objects. Teach slowly and tell the ways and tricks of making objects with toy candles. This has succeeded in making the child creative and able to be creative freely.

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