Hi moms, have you ever felt annoyed during the holiday season, the children were only at home? Never leave the room just playing games all day. As a parent who saw it would be annoying to see their pattern. But this can be changed from the pattern of the mother’s child. Invite the children to play in the children’s playground to gather with family and relatives. Playground2

Spend time off with family and can enjoy exciting games at the playground. There are many types of playgrounds that everyone can visit, even adults and children can play together. Of course, parents want their children to be able to laugh happily and have fun. Change the habit of children who always play games on holidays. Invite them to enjoy playing time while learning.

Playing while learning will provide many benefits for children such as:

  • Invites communication with children of the same age Micheldorf-hirt
  • Want to play together
  • Make new friends
  • The level of creativity
    To take the kids off, moms don’t need to take them far away. Because there could be a playground around moms that can make children feel at home. If he lives in the Jakarta area, there are many places to play that can be a place to learn for children. Jakarta is a big city that is always targeted by many job applicants.

Famous for the metropolitan city that gives a lot of hope to everyone. Many cities stand tall and the types of vehicles that pass by on the roads. There are also many playgrounds in the city of Jakarta that can also help children while learning.

The following children’s playgrounds are available in Jakarta

Kitchen magic
spend time gaining knowledge//Kitchen magic
  • Kidzania
    Very fun place to play. Children can try many professions that are available in Kidzania. Not only professions but there are also other types of games available.
  • Aquarium
    The aquarium will be an amazing place for children. Can see many types of fish and get to know the shape of the fish – the fish are beautiful and funny.
  • Skyworld
    It is one of the beautiful Indonesian mini garden playgrounds. One of the most interesting and awesome games. Can see the spacecraft and recognize the types of astronaut goods.
  • Brick 4 kids
    A place to play as well as expand children’s creativity. In brick 4 kids use types of games like lego that help children think and develop.
  • Dufan
    Very fun playground. There are many types of rides that we can try and play to our heart’s content. Has a beautiful view close to the beach.
  • Game lasers
    Laser game Indonesia to be a sniper. In this game, all equipment is very safe for children. There are vests and laser guns ready to fight against the enemy.
  • Kitchen Magic
    When children start wanting to learn to cook with their toys, moms can take their children to kitchen magic. There will be many teachers who are ready to teach children to get to know the world of the kitchen.
  • Fauna land
    One of the tours in Ancol Park. It’s not just Dufan that is a fun place to play. But fauna land is much fun. Can get to know several species of animals and see their uniqueness while in the cage.
  • Timezone
    A very exciting and endless place to play. Many types of games are available at the timezone. The game form is like a machine with game variants ready to invite you to play and spend money from timezone cards.