Online education for children
Online education for children

Online education for children

Online education for children

When all systems are sophisticated, many applications are competing to come up with new variants and types of games. Many people do not know that the internet is also available for children. The fear of children who are more addicted due to frequent playing with cell phones makes parents limit their children’s world. However, as a wise parent, you can try to introduce the world of the internet by providing online education for children.

Of course, this is not done alone. If we want our children to be active and their imaginations to develop, of course, we as parents will set a good example for our children. To be safe and not misguided, parents can accompany their children while playing with their cell phones. Choose the type of game that can improve the child’s thinking power.

There are several types of games available for children, namely:

  • Disney Jr – Micheldorf-hirt
    A game that manages to make children happy and feel at home playing. Not only is it famous for its films, but Disney jr also has a website. The website contains several types of games and also some learning media.
  • PBS Kids
    One application that provides various types of lessons. There is a lot that can be learned such as learning languages, arithmetic, music, and much more. The purpose of the PBS kids game was created only to help develop children’s intelligence levels and children’s thinking power.
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  • Learning games
    There are two types available in learning games. learning games for children and the other for teenagers. Learning games also have a site that trains the child’s abilities. Age to learn learning games can start from the age of two to twelve years. In addition to learning, it turns out that learning games also provide various types of games for children.
  • Starfall
    The application, which started in the year two thousand and two, also provides learning media for children from toddlers to elementary school level. The lessons provided can be from videos.
  • Curious world
    Available for children aged two to seven years. Available games, books, videos and much more. The most fun thing about this application is that there are several types of craft tutorials. With this tutorial the child will be excited to learn and add insight.