Nintendo 90’s game titles

Nintendo 90's game titlesNintendo 90's game titles

Nintendo 90's game titles

Nintendo 90’s game titles

There are so many games on Nintendo, that the children really liked playing at that time. With Nintendo games, not a few have switched from traditional games to game consoles. Even though Nintendo’s display isn’t perfect yet, for kids it’s the best game. Those of you who discuss Nintendo games will definitely feel nostalgic. Here are the types of games that existed on Nintendo at that time Nintendo 90’s game titles

  1. Battle City
    The battle city game even though it looks very easy if we don’t handle this game well, will be difficult to win. The way to play this game is just guarding the garuda within the brick wall. Micheldorf-hirt

2. Super Mario Bros

One of the games that are still popular today. In Super Mario Bros what makes the players feel at home is having levels. The higher the level of the game, the more difficult it is for you to win.

  1. Excitebike
    This game is just a race. Races that make you more focused. If you fall, you will experience defeat. Here you will also be required to win in the top 3.
remember old games//fun game

Duck Hunt

shooting game. Players will be given 3x chances to shoot. If the players fail, there will be a dog that will show its face and laugh at them.

  1. Othello
    games that play like a white and black rock. So 1 stone has 2 colors, namely white or black. Each player has his own handle. They have the right to choose what type of stone will be played. If one of the players enters the opponent’s territory, the stones will change according to the opponent’s victory.
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