Mengajak anak balita bermain seru
Mengajak anak balita bermain seru

Invite toddlers to play fun

Invite toddlers to play fun

Inviting toddlers to play fun, of course, is definitely easy and easy. No one would have thought that actually children are more interested in simple things. A game that they think is more interesting and exciting than games that are expensive and complicated to play.

Of course, you as parents will not think that a child’s game is actually very simple. Here are some simple types of games, namely:

Play zipper

One of the fun games that can make children more curious. Sometimes to play you don’t need to be expensive – expensive. Simply using zippers can make children happy and focused. To increase your child’s focus, you can invite your child to play with different colored zippers. Micheldorf-hirt

Guess the picture

No need to use expensive materials and tools. It is enough to use drawing paper and colorful cloth. This will teach children to focus and guess pictures easily.

Child experiment

lots of games
game experimentation//lots of games

The child’s curiosity is very high. It’s no wonder that children always want to make some experiments that they think are wow. An experiment that can make children’s activities develop and progress.

Insert the game into the artificial hole
Sometimes you can’t bear to see the children just silent. Make some easy games using just cardboard tape and pom-poms and the games will start to make your kids happy. Invite the children to play this game. Only by inserting pom-poms into artificial holes made of cardboard can make children be more focused.

Cotton buds
So that the children are quiet and do not disturb while you are working. Then you can prepare some fun games, such as preparing an empty plastic bottle with a hole in the lid. Then teach how to play the game to children. Insert cotton buds and win the game.