Invite children to be active
Invite children to be active

Invite children to be active

Invite children to be active

If you are bored and have no activities then you can make a fun game with the children. A game that can help improve children’s thinking and creativity. Locked children in the house can make them bored and fussy at home. So that this doesn’t happen, you as parents have to find ways so that your children don’t get bored and feel at home playing at home under any circumstances.

Many think that children’s games are only played outside the home. But did you know that even without having to leave the house, all children can play comfortably in the house? You can monitor all activities and teach new things to children while playing together.

Familiar with children

Make the feelings of parents and children can be intertwined together. Surely you don’t want to always be close to the children and make the children comfortable with you. Here are some types of games that you can prepare together with the children at home, namely: Micheldorf-hirt

Play jump-jump
One of the old games that give unexpected excitement. So that your children are happy, you can try the jumping game. A game that makes you have to jump in each column of boxes that have been formed. Don’t forget to jump up on the mountain. You don’t need to play outside, you can make the game inside your house or yard.

Press and color

Press and color is a fun and exciting game. To make this game, of course, you have to prepare a base and attach the colors to the base, don’t forget to prepare tools to determine the colors that you should reach. Use all your limbs. Aim and the children will immediately move according to your words.

play together
closer to the child//play together

Traffic lights
If you feel the children are bored and are starting to get cranky, you can invite your children to play with traffic signs. Make seats for the children then navigate each place and say the meaning of each color they pass. The meaning of the color of the lights and provide explanations during play.