Games that are still trending in 2023
Games that are still trending in 2023

Games that are still trending in 2023

Games that are still trending in 2023

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

who like adventure games, of course, this game is very exciting. The reason is this game will invite you into shootings. This game can be played alone or with partners. What makes this game easy to win is that there is a map. The map will make you understand the direction and not get bored. You can also play various properties such as weapons in this game so you can defeat your opponent. Games that are still trending in 2023


Micheldorf-hirt – This game has always been the mainstay of the men’s game since it was on the PlayStation. This game is more exciting than other games. Because a person can walk, drive a car and even get on a ship. With the emergence of this game, the players are very happy because it is unique and different from any game.

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  1. Valorant
    Gamers must be very familiar with the Valorant game. This Valorant game will invite players to battle in several rounds. The winning team will win the fight. Each team has its own task so that is what can make the team win.
  2. One Piece Odyssey
    This one-piece game was famous during the Playstation 1 era until now it has spread to the PlayStation 4. And what’s unique is that those of you who don’t have a PS4 and PS5 can play online games such as PC, Series S, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One. This game already has dozens of episodes that you can play.
    Hogwarts Legacy
    The Hogwarts Legacy game will be available on February 10, 2023. Those of you who like new games can immediately own the game via PC, PS5, or X Box Series X. This game is inspired by the Harry Potter book, so you will definitely enjoy playing game one. this.