Children's play triggers intelligence
Children's play triggers intelligence

Children’s play triggers intelligence

Children’s play triggers intelligence

Children really need games not just to fill their free time but to provide insight. Those of you who have children should never waste time on children just being lazy or just playing games that are not important. But pay attention to games that spark intelligence and games that can make him more adventurous.

Here are the types of games that you can try with children

Hula Hoops

Playing a hula hoop is not just to flex the child’s body parts but the hola hoop itself is able to make children concentrate Micheldorf-hirt. Practicing concentration and body flexibility will make children smart many times over.


Not only Indians can and are good at dancing, but your child who wants to be trained to be a dancer can too. But you must first find your child’s talent. Dancing is not an easy or difficult matter but an interest.


Drawing is one of the games that parents are aware of. If your child likes to draw, let it be, maybe later when he becomes an adult, he can become an engineer or become a great person who can describe the world.

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Teach children to cook in small sizes. Those of you who have cooking skills can be passed on to your children so that your children can become great chefs. Give directions in cooking so that your child understands better and understands what will happen when an ingredient is combined.

Role Playing

Playing the role in question is that you can choose to play as a doctor, teacher, cook, or whatever makes the game more interesting. If you play a role, make sure there is also the knowledge that is applied so that the child understands and understands the role he has.

Home – home

Children really like to play house – house because there is an imagination that is placed at that time. You can play with your child if you want to teach. House games will make your child more socially developed.

Playing card
Playing cards are you playing to match cards? It’s not only boys who play cards girls can do it too. Playing cards are also able to hone a child’s brain to be smarter in responding to an incident.