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The Blibli game is exhilarating and tense. Many think that Blibli doesn’t have any fun games. A game that can fill spare time for buyers. Some time ago, in the eleventh month of 2022, Blibli held an interesting and exciting promo.

Apart from holding party promos from Blibli, they also held an interesting game. The game provided is the crush prize game. Of course, you are not curious about the types of games available at Blibli. The Crush Prize game will give lots of promos and prizes to Blibli users on beautiful dates.

Grand prize

Of course, those of you who have participated in the Bblibli game, know what prizes are available. In the Crush Prize game, the main prize will be a vacation to Korea. There are only ten tickets to be prepared for the winner. Micheldorf-hirt

How to join the game

To be able to play, of course, you can follow several terms and conditions from Blibli. Games will be held from the fourth to the fifth of November 2022. The games can only be played via the Blibli application. To play it, you have to update the Blibli application first, then you can play it. When playing games at Blibli, you must pay attention to all the conditions put forward. Try not to cheat when playing the Blibli game.

games held before the eleventh day of the eleventh month//exciting

Every time you win, you will get one Grand prize voucher. Victory is determined not by who wins first. Victory is seen from the number of points they have collected. When there is a similarity in value, it will be determined by looking at the time of victory. In every game available at Blibli, employees from Blibli are not allowed play.

How play the game can be done in a few steps such as:

Scan the QR code first to play the Crush Prize game
Enter Blibli and create an account or register to become a Blibli member
After the registration process is complete, you can press the game life token] and take lots of coins
When you’re done playing, remember to save your QR code so you can enter the game again