Dragon Empire

Dragon Empire

Dragon Empire

Dragon Empire – Spadegaming

Dragon Empire online slot is an online slot game that attracts the attention of bettors. It’s not just the symbols of the game or the theme of the game on it. But dragon empire online slot has other game features besides the basic game. It’s just a free game and a bonus round. But listening to the good news, the bettor will continue to play, especially when he hears the good news. There was nothing wrong with the game so the game was invaded by netizens. Because online slot games that have many features and there is a level of volatility in easy games will definitely be targeted by many people.

Dragon empire slot will only give 3 rows and 5 reels. But the game round of the dragon empire slot will provide a fantastic game round through its game features. It is very simple to look at this game. but the game round that is given will give a different impression to the bettor.

It can be seen from the background of the game, that there is only green color and is approached with carvings in it. There is deliberately no excessive accent embedded in the background of the game, so that bettors feel comfortable playing. So what are you waiting for, immediately make a bet with real money, then you will easily achieve a real winning value.

Payment value

Micheldorf-hirt – All symbols in the Dragon Empire slot will provide a payout value according to the existing conditions. The following is the value of each symbol

lots of chance to get coins//play

Free Games

There are 3 free spins symbols so there are 8 free spins, but 4 = 16 and 5 = 24 free spins. In the free spins, if there is the lowest payout value, it will not play. During free spins the mega cash symbol will play and will be the main player before doing free games. Of course the free spins symbol will come into play in free games.

Mega Cash Reels

Mega cash reels game is a symbol of the jackpot. Later in mega cash reels there will be symbols such as grand, major, Maxi, Mini and Minor. Each – each symbol will give a different value. If the bettor gets the jackpot value, the winning value will be multiplied by the bet value.

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